Mass Alert System

Trygg’s Mass Alert System [MAS] is an essential emergency communication tool, which allows you to reach, inform and locate your staff should a critical event occur. The MAS uses the Trygg app as well as SMS and email to give maximum coverage and cut down the time it takes to account for your people, allowing you to focus on those who may need support.

User Tracking

 When user tracking is engaged users can be continuously tracked and kept informed about developments in their vicinity. User consent is at the heart of Trygg’s user tracking systems, giving users access to Trygg’s core features whilst giving them discretion over whether their location is sent to the oversight platform. User tracking is only activated automatically if the user activates their panic button or acknowledges a mass alert massage message.

Incident Reporting

 Trygg’s incident reporting is both top-down and bottom-up, allowing app users to report incidents as they observe them. At the same time, their managers or security staff can create and share geo-located incident information across the whole organisation in real-time. Recent and historical incidents can be accessed by users when on- and offline to inform their decision making process even when out of coverage. Incident data sets can be downloaded and uploaded, ensuring that organisations can make use of their existing incident data.

Panic Mode

 The panic mode gives users the ability to alert their colleagues should they get into difficulties. Once activated, this discrete function tracks the user’s location and continuously updates the oversight platform. The panic mode employs both the Trygg app and SMS to give maximum coverage. All activations are logged for future reference.


Trygg allows managers with staff in the field to create flexible geofences to map ‘out of bounds’ areas, which are visible to users on their app. If a user enters a geofenced area the instance is logged and their manager is informed.

Journey mode

The journey mode allows users to create journeys on their app, which are logged and communicated to their security manager.