Creating a safer, more secure work environment

As our teams move further afield in the world, their safety is increasingly a priority. Whether your people travel, work abroad, on-site, in the office or from home, Trygg empowers you to share information faster and more effectively to keep them safer and more secure.


Ensure your people feel and stay safe while doing their job

Our mission is simple: Trygg means safe, which sums up how we want our users to feel when using our platform. It also means dependable, which is how we want them to feel about the platform itself.

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About Trygg

We are a London-based technology company with a global outlook and a passion for building digital solutions that strengthen the connections between organisations and their staff. We were founded in 2017 and Trygg is the work of many hands and minds, and our team have a wealth of experience across platform development, security, logistics and operations, all of which has been essential to build this cutting-edge staff safety and communication platform.

Though this is not always possible in the current environment, we try to engage our clients and app users in person wherever possible and their feedback is key to the evolution of Trygg. Developing a platform to make people safer in real-time is an endlessly iterative process and our ambition is to never stop learning from the organisations we support.

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For organisations that prioritise their team’s safety,
Trygg is the trusted solution.

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