How can organisations implement a digital staff location system whilst respecting user privacy?

When it comes to digital location services, one might be forgiven for wondering why it’s important for any employer to know where their staff members are. The answer is straightforward; When a company hires someone, it does so with the assurance that in return for their labour hours and service, it will make all reasonable efforts to ensure their safety and well-being, should they be working in-office or on-site/remotely.  Read More>


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How can employers use digital tools to improve the safety of their lone and remote workers?

We can all agree that the real reason any organisation succeeds is its employees and for most, these hardworking people could working from an office, from home, and also travelling for work or working from the field or on-site. The Covid-19 pandemic has hugely increased the number of staff working from home but, even though all are certainly not in the office, there remains a significant difference between lone and remote workers. Read More>


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How to protect your workforce under serious weather conditions?


The world is ever changing, and within seconds weather can change. Before you know it, it’s the hottest day of the year and then it’s the thunderstorm of the century. As weather events become more extreme and increase in frequency, situations can worsen at the blink of an eye, and we are not always able to appropriately plan in advance for the risk serious weather conditions pose. Read More>



Importance of Incidence Reporting systems for corporates


Why should your organisation consider implementing a digital incident reporting system?

Incidents can occur and situations can change within seconds in today’s world. That’s why it’s important for organisations to keep on top of what’s happening in the field, not only to improve operational efficiency but to ensure the safety of their staff. Today’s technology allows for multiple channels of incident tracking and emergency monitoring, from real-time maps, satellite tracking, or real-time GPS tracking on mobile devices. More and more employees of international organisations regularly travel abroad for work, or operate as lone workers, so it falls upon their employers to effectively manage these remote workers and operations, often without a permanent presence in each country they cover. As a result, to ensure comprehensive duty of care provision for staff on the move incident reporting systems and worker tracking systems are quickly becoming vital tools.  Read More>



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How can an emergency mass communication system aid organisations of all sizes?


Older methods of contact, such as radio, phone calls, or instant messaging are no longer an efficient or accountable way to quickly reach staff. As smartphones have become the standard type of mobile device, recent trends have seen organizations from NGOs to the energy sector implementing mass communication platforms into their operations. Using one centralised system to communicate with your entire workforce, both close to home and overseas, is priceless. In today’s world where incidents and emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, a mass alert system ensures that your entire staff, despite where they may be located, can be quickly and effectively notified of any incident and provided with relevant advice. Read More>