How to protect your workforce under serious weather conditions?


The world is ever changing, and within seconds weather can change. Before you know it, it’s the hottest day of the year and then it’s the thunderstorm of the century. As weather events become more extreme and increase in frequency, situations can worsen at the blink of an eye, and we are not always able to appropriately plan in advance for the risk serious weather conditions pose.

From private organizations to NGOs, which include hundreds of thousands of employees deployed to work on different on-field projects, it’s vital for all organizations to have a system that can keep track of these field employees. 

Many organizations, especially the ones which primarily deal with on-field projects that require workers to be exposed to the weather or work under extreme conditions, invest in training programs and seminars periodically in order to prepare their employees to face any adverse conditions that may crop up. 

These training programs, however, can not always manage the unforeseen risk that serious weather events are known for.

With the changing times and with the advancements in technology, wouldn’t it be better to use innovation to find a feasible, reliable and quick solution to tackle such problems?

Today, all of us carry smartphones, and this technology allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere. These ubiquitous devices contain maps, real-time GPS tracking and many such features. Features that can help save someone’s life. In terms of how organizations can ensure their worker’s safety, wouldn’t using this readily available technology prove to be beneficial in the management of unforeseen risk? And on top of that, how useful could it be for the employer to track their field staff and lone workers and maintain a record of them in one centralized system? 

This is where using a centralized system like Trygg becomes invaluable. Trygg is a safety and communication management tool that allows organizations to track employee locations, send out mass alerts, and report emergencies. The Trygg platform focuses on bolstering an organization’s duty of care to its staff, especially those who live in areas prone to serious weather changes.

Apart from this, it’s a great way for organizations to keep track and support their employees. With its in-built features such as User Tracking, geofences, Mass Alert system and Incident reporting, it is the most effective way to not just stay ahead of what Mother Nature might throw at us, but is also effective for employers to warn their workers as well as deploy the proper protocols in times of emergency

Trygg is an ideal staff safety application. The user tracking feature allows an organization to keep track of staff movements during extreme weather events when duty of care is the number one priority for any organization. Similarly, the Panic Mode feature allows staff to immediately alert the appropriate channels when they require immediate assistance, and adds an extra safety net to an organization’s risk management protocol during times of crisis.

With the use of cutting edge technologies such as Trygg, organizations can better manage the operational risks that extreme weather can inflict on field staff. Organization’s can ultimately ensure a better duty of care to their staff, and employees gain a sense of security knowing that if disaster was to strike they are in safe hands.