International Development

The private sector plays a central role in ensuring the delivery of foreign assistance and development programs in emerging economies and fragile or conflict-affected areas. Trygg currently supports staff safety structures across multiple international development organisations working in a range of challenging environments in the MENA region, Africa and Asia. To date the key Trygg functions our international development sector clients make most use of are location sharing, secure mass communications and user panic alarms for emergencies. We know that the organisations we support aim to deliver programs that are sustainable, efficient, and effective and Trygg looks to empower their staff to meet these objectives in safety.

Use Case


A client operating in a high-risk country in the MENA region was looking for ways to better protect their staff who work, travel, and live in-country. Since their staff are permanently located in a high-risk area, they frequently travel outside of work hours to visit friends, go to dinners, shop, and perform other day-to-day activities. The client is still responsible for their staff’s well being during these non-working hours, and needed a system in place to protect their staff while still allowing them freedom of movement.

Implementing Trygg

The client saw Trygg as the perfect solution for meeting both security needs and the privacy of their staff. During work hours, field staff would turn on their location sharing via their Trygg mobile application so safety managers could ensure safe movements between job sites. During non-working hours, staff had the option of turning off location sharing for privacy.


The client also took advantage of Trygg’s 24/7 monitoring services as an added safety net in the case a staff member set off a panic alarm when the client’s own internal security team was not available after working hours.


A staff member was heading back from dinner with friends late one night in a local cab. Unfortunately, the cab the staff member was travelling in was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle, causing serious injuries to those involved. The staff member was able to activate his panic button, setting off an alarm in Trygg’s 24/7 monitoring centre. Trygg’s watchkeeper quickly took action and was then able to access the staff member’s live location via the panic alarm, and follow the client’s protocol on next steps. With the appropriate people contacted, Trygg’s 24/7 watchkeeper was able to guide our client’s medical team to where the accident had occurred using the panic alarm’s location sharing and get the staff member the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. Thankfully, all parties involved in the accident are now doing well.