Multi-Device Integration

Incident Reporting

Trygg’s incident reporting is both top-down and bottom-up, allowing both the oversight dashboard and app users to report incidents as they happen in real time.

  • Accurately and quickly report incidents
  • Inform those at risk
  • Manage internal and external incidents
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Seamless Communication

Information sharing and communication are vital to any organisation’s risk management mechanisms and, ultimately, the safety of their staff. Today’s world can be uncertain, and staff can face a range of challenges while at work, both internal and external. Managing, responding to, and understanding these risks is crucial. Workers may face verbal abuse, physical assault, or workplace accidents, but with Trygg any organisation and its staff can quickly log incidents as they occur, and help proactively improve their understanding of and response to on-the-job hazards. Trygg helps establish the location and assess the risk status of staff in real-time, manage incidents as they occur, and seamlessly communicate to multiple staff members in seconds.

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Extensive and Secure History

In addition, recent and historical incidents can be accessed by users when on- and offline to inform their decision-making process even when out of data coverage. Incident data sets can also be downloaded and uploaded, ensuring that organisations can make use of their existing incident data and keep comprehensive logs of any internal and external incidents affecting their staff.

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Mass Alert System

An essential tool for reaching, informing and locating your staff faster should a critical event occur

Use Case

A multinational mining company deploys the Trygg App on smartphone devices to monitor and protect their staff around the world, particularly when travelling for work.


A major explosion occurs in the capital of a country where a Trygg client has both a local office and visiting international staff, causing casualties and widespread damage to properties in the blast radius. The disaster was hard to predict, being caused by a fire spreading to the roof of a warehouse where ammonium nitrate was stored.

It was critical for the client to locate and ensure the safety of their travelling and local employees within the area as soon as possible.


When initial reports of the fire were only starting to circulate in the news and on social media, one of the client’s employees reported this event as an incident on the Trygg App via their smartphone. Upon notification of this incident, the client used the Mass Alert System to inform all the staff members in the country to avoid the area and establish which staff may be at risk based on their last reported location.

All employees within the affected area were immediately able to confirm their current status using the Trygg Mobile App and, based on the advice of their colleagues managing the oversight dashboard, they moved away from the fire, avoiding the blast radius of the subsequent explosion.


Trygg’s location sharing technology helped track the location of staff in real-time, and the client was able to establish which employees were not in the area and which might need support based on their location.

Not only did Trygg enable the client to locate their staff members, but also ensured they could inform staff about the fire (and the explosion) using Trygg’s Mass Alert System, sharing crucial, relevant details like the exact location of the fire and of suggested safe areas.

By embedding the Trygg system into their staff safety and critical event management processes, the client was able to successfully locate, monitor and communicate with all staff in and around the affected area, allowing them to respond faster and make more informed decisions.

  • Industry: Mining
  • Location: International
  • App Users: 50
  • Use Case: Incident Reporting & Mass Alert System
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