Trygg translates to ‘Safe’ - the feeling we strive to provide to all our users. Whether on the move, working alone on a job site or travelling internationally, having Trygg in your pocket gives peace of mind to you and your colleagues.

The Trygg platform is an essential digital tool for any organisation with a dispersed workforce, whether travelling abroad, working from home, as lone workers or in areas of higher-than-normal risk. With a mobile application for staff, a web browser for management and oversight, and an integrated satellite handset option, Trygg is a comprehensive communication and support tool that allows users to securely receive and share important information with their colleagues, all in real-time.

Trygg has a range of features to facilitate oversight for managers and reassure staff using the mobile app on the move. The system builds on the widespread use of smartphones and continued improvements in communications infrastructure, which allow for greater staff management and coordination than was possible only a few years ago.

Our objective at Trygg is to take advantage of these technological improvements and put them to work for our users by ensuring staff always have access to support when they want or need it. Whether this be through information sharing, facilitating wider communication within an organisation, or providing a crucial safety net, Trygg enhances any organisation’s duty of care provision.

We achieve this through the three main functions of Trygg, which are:

  • User location sharing
  • Mass communication
  • Geospatial information sharing
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Mass Alert and Messaging System

Trygg’s Mass Alert System [MAS] is a highly effective communication tool, allowing organisations to cut down the time it takes to reach, inform and locate staff using a three pronged approach – SMS, email, and the Trygg mobile application. The MAS means hundreds or even thousands of staff can be contacted simultaneously, with alerts taking less than a minute to set up and deliver to recipients. The MAS is a crucial tool for everything from day-to-day updates and staff headcounts, to managing critical events quickly and efficiently - allowing an organisation to deliver and receive time-sensitive information without getting slowed down by conventional communication channels.

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User Location Sharing

Location sharing technology helps keep people safe – whether it be for added peace of mind while taking a cab home late at night or letting others know of your location when travelling somewhere new.
The Trygg platform first and foremost prioritises user privacy - empowering them through the Trygg app to decide when they report their location to the management dashboard. When users activate their tracking feature, they can be reassured that they are continuously reporting their location to their colleagues when it is important for them to know where they are.

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Incident Reporting

Trygg’s incident reporting is both top-down and bottom-up, allowing managers and staff alike to create and share geospatially relevant information across the whole organisation in real-time. This crowdsourcing approach to information sharing ensures those in the office and on the ground stay in sync, and enhances an organisation’s decision making process and risk management capabilities.

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Panic Mode

Every user of the Trygg mobile application has access to a personal panic alarm. This individual safety net allows people to discreetly alert their colleagues and share their live location should they ever feel concerned for their wellbeing, have been involved in an accident, or need any kind of emergency support. Once activated, this function continuously updates the oversight platform with the user’s location, allowing a quick and efficient response when it is most needed.

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Trygg’s oversight dashboard gives managers the ability to create fully customisable and geospatially marked areas on their organisation’s maps. These geofences can be used for a wide array of purposes, from marking out job sites to outlining ‘no go’ areas in a specified area. In whatever way an organisation takes advantage of the geofence functionality, it is an efficient and straightforward way to visually communicate information via a map on a user’s device.

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