Multi-Device Integration

24/7 Oversight

Ensure your staff’s safety 24/7/365

  • Tailored response protocols
  • Crisis and risk mitigation
  • Dedicated in-house response line
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Tailored response protocols

Trygg’s mission is to keep your staff safe, but sometimes it’s impossible for an organisation to monitor their Trygg platform at all hours of the day. Accidents or emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time, and because of this Trygg is proud to offer in-house 24/7 Oversight services to our clients run from our dedicated operations room.

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Crisis and risk mitigation

Trygg’s 24/7/365 oversight package provides real-time crisis and risk mitigation that is tailored to each organisation’s unique protocols. Working alongside a dedicated team of responders, Trygg’s in-house response line will work with your organisation to create clear lines of communication, establish proven emergency protocols, and organise responses tailored to each organisation’s particular requirements. With a monthly subscription based on the number of users covered, Trygg’s tried and tested 24/7 Oversight service is an affordable investment into your organisation’s safety management protocols.

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Mass Alert System

An essential tool for reaching, informing and locating your staff faster should a critical event occur

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  • Employee Safety & Efficient Communication
  • Can be set up remotely within hours
  • Fair enterprise pricing with no hidden fees

For organisations that prioritise their team’s safety,
Trygg is the trusted solution.

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