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Geospatially define key areas to streamline information sharing across your organisation.

  • Geospatially defined
  • Customisable to your organisation
  • Real time alerts
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Geospatially accurate information

Trygg’s geofences are created by the oversight dashboard using a custom polygon system to identify key areas relevant to your organisation. Rather than instructing staff on operationally relevant areas, or even ‘out of bounds’ areas, geofences are clear visual markers displayed on a map showing users easily digestible information about particular spots.

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Real Time Alerts

When a manager creates a geofence it is shared with Trygg app users in real-time, and both the users and the oversight dashboard receive notifications if a user enters a geofenced area. Geofences are dynamic and can mark out areas containing hazards or hold elevated risks, or operationally relevant areas such as job sites. The creation process takes minutes and offers a highly effective way to communicate clear, geospatially relevant information to large numbers of staff simultaneously.

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Mass Alert System

An essential tool for reaching, informing and locating your staff faster should a critical event occur

Use Case

A client based in Europe with a large number of frequent business travellers uses Trygg to stay connected with their staff visiting countries identified as medium to high-risk. The client has recently signed a new contract to deliver in-person advisory services to a company with multiple office and site locations in Mexico and throughout South and Central America. The client performs a security risk assessment of the locations their staff will be visiting and staying and identifies urban and rural areas that are high-risk for threats including kidnapping and armed violence. Using the Trygg oversight dashboard, the client’s in-house security team marks out all high-risk areas using geofences, ensuring that travelling staff are aware of the areas and routes to avoid during their trips.

When visiting Mexico City, one of the travelling staff becomes lost and strays into an area of the city that has been geofenced due to high instances of gang violence and armed robbery. The user is notified that they have entered a geofenced area as well as the client’s security team in their headquarters in Europe. The user is in the process of navigating out of the geofenced area when they receive a call from their security team confirming that they are moving to a safe location. The security team are able to monitor the staff member’s progress in real-time via the Trygg location sharing feature and are able to confirm that they are no longer at risk.

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