Multi-Device Integration

User Location Sharing

Quickly locate and aid your staff in times of crisis.

  • Immediately locate those at risk
  • Blue Force Tracking System
  • Journey logging and monitoring
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Live Location

When users activate location sharing on their Trygg app, their authorised colleagues, who are usually in relevant departments such as security and logistics, can monitor their live location and alert them to any potential threats or developments in their vicinity. Staff members also feel a sense of security when travelling in unknown locations or when based for work in high risk environments knowing they can share their location whenever they choose. For example, users often prefer to share their live location when using local taxis and public transport, or when walking alone, especially at night.

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Logging Journeys

The journey log functionality also makes use of Trygg’s location sharing services. By creating and logging journeys on the Trygg app, staff members can keep their colleagues informed of their planned destination, expected time of arrival and planned and taken route.

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Consent is paramount

User consent is at the heart of Trygg’s user location sharing process, giving users access to Trygg’s core features whilst giving them discretion over whether their location is sent to the oversight platform.

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Mass Alert System

An essential tool for reaching, informing and locating your staff faster should a critical event occur

Use Case

A consultancy offering security risk management solutions to organisations operating in emerging and complex environments decided to incorporate a staff location sharing and monitoring solution. They chose Trygg as it is an integrated solution that provides the live location of users, sends mass communications, and shares map-specific information about incidents and relevant locations.

Integrating Trygg into its security risk management solution enabled the client to provide a full monitoring service to clients while providing peace of mind, especially for employees travelling to and from high-risk locations. Trygg uses GPS and satellite technology to effectively locate users travelling around the world via their smartphone, tablet or satellite device.


The security consultancy was supporting an election monitoring group with training, advice and direct oversight through their 24/7 security centre. Staff from the election monitoring group downloaded the Trygg app on their smartphones before deploying, allowing them to communicate and be located by the security centre staff as required.

The partnership proved to be paramount for a marketing team at an election rally in Bangladesh where terror attacks placed them in extreme danger. One colleague lost contact with the rest of the team and returned to their hotel on foot, while their colleagues returned in a taxi. Both the lone team member and one of the rest of the team activated their panic alarms on the Trygg App, alerting the client’s Security Centre, who were able to remotely assess the situation, reassure the team that their colleague was on their way to the hotel, and advise them on the necessary steps to take.

The Security Centre was able to locate each member of the team using the location sharing feature on the Trygg App. Communicating with the election team via the Trygg app, the Security Centre was even able to inform them that the route their taxi was taking would take them near a recent attack location and instruct them to take a different route.

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