Vehicle Tracking via Smartphone: Trygg’s Simple and Cost-Effective Solution

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In today’s fast-paced world, tracking your vehicles efficiently is crucial to operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of your team. Traditionally, many organizations have used In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) hardware that must be physically installed. However, IVMS can be problematic, especially for those who simply need a straightforward tracking solution without the complexities and costs associated with legacy IVMS.

The Problem with IVMS

In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems have been around for quite some time and were initially designed to provide a comprehensive view of vehicle and driver behavior. While they offer a wealth of data and insights, they come with several drawbacks:


In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) are renowned for their extensive range of features and metrics, which aim to offer a comprehensive view of vehicle and driver behavior. While these attributes can indeed be valuable for certain businesses, they often introduce a layer of complexity that may overwhelm those seeking a straightforward tracking solution.

The inherent complexity of IVMS features can lead to various challenges. Businesses may find themselves inundated with an abundance of data, much of which may not be pertinent to their core tracking goals. This inundation can make it arduous to extract meaningful insights from the data noise. Additionally, the adoption of IVMS solutions often necessitates extensive training for employees to comprehend and utilize the full spectrum of features effectively. This not only consumes valuable time but can also strain budgets, posing challenges to businesses seeking streamlined tracking solutions.


Implementing and maintaining In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) can become a significant financial commitment for businesses, making it a noteworthy concern for those looking for cost-effective tracking solutions. The expenses associated with IVMS encompass various facets, including initial setup costs, hardware purchase and installation, ongoing software licensing fees, and maintenance expenses.

Initial setup costs are a substantial component of IVMS expenses. These costs entail the purchase of hardware such as GPS trackers and the installation fees required to outfit each vehicle with monitoring equipment. In addition to the hardware outlay, businesses typically incur fees for professional services, further contributing to the initial financial investment.
Maintenance and support expenses, including software updates, technical troubleshooting, and system enhancements, represent additional financial commitments.

When considering these costs alongside training expenditures and potential expenses related to addressing privacy concerns, the overall financial implications of IVMS adoption become a significant consideration. For businesses focused on basic vehicle tracking without the need for complex features, these costs can make IVMS a costly choice.

Privacy Concerns

IVMS systems, by design, entail comprehensive monitoring of both vehicles and drivers. While this depth of data collection can undoubtedly offer valuable insights for businesses, it can concurrently give rise to concerns surrounding privacy, notably among employees and drivers. The invasive nature of IVMS monitoring can cause employees to perceive it as an encroachment on their privacy, as these systems effectively track their every move and driving behavior, leaving individuals feeling constantly under surveillance.

Further compounding these privacy challenges is the extensive data collected by IVMS systems, including driver behavior, and vehicle diagnostics. The handling and storage of such sensitive information can become a source of apprehension, particularly in regions with stringent data privacy regulations. Moreover, privacy concerns can manifest as resistance among employees, potentially impeding IVMS adoption and causing morale and job satisfaction issues within the workforce. Balancing the benefits of comprehensive monitoring with privacy considerations remains a critical challenge for businesses implementing IVMS solutions.

A Modern Alternative: Trygg’s Smartphone Tracking

In today’s digital age, there’s no need to rely on outdated and complex systems like IVMS for vehicle tracking. Trygg offers a modern, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative. With our app-based solution, you can effortlessly track your vehicles’ movements, ensuring efficiency and safety while respecting privacy.

Here’s why Trygg is the modern alternative to IVMS:

Ease of Use

Trygg leverages the ubiquitous smartphone. All you need to do is log in to our app, and with a simple tap, you can turn on tracking for your vehicles. No need for complicated installations or expensive equipment.


We understand that not every business needs a comprehensive monitoring system. Trygg’s pricing model is designed to provide value for those who simply want to track their vehicles’ locations without breaking the bank.


We respect your employees’ privacy. Trygg’s tracking feature focuses solely on vehicle location. There’s no intrusion into personal behavior or data collection, ensuring a more comfortable and trust-based environment.

Trygg – Login. Plug In. Go.

With Trygg, the tracking process becomes as easy as picking up your smartphone. You can effortlessly log in to our app and activate tracking with a simple tap – no need for extensive training or complex equipment installations. This intuitive approach embodies the essence of efficiency that our platform is built upon. Log in. Plug in. And go.

So why choose complexity when simplicity is at your fingertips? With Trygg, you can have the tracking you need without the unnecessary complexities, costs, and privacy concerns often associated with traditional IVMS. Contact us today to make the switch and learn more about what Trygg has to offer.